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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 323: More Campaigning ... It Never Ends

The thing about Elections... is there is always one around the corner!

This Tuesday, March 8th is Election Day, you say, "what, I didn't know we have an Election!" Start paying attention people!
Lots of great candidates (and not so great) and important issues that as voters you should all be paying attention to!

Today I spent the day stomping for my girl Marisa Perez. Marisa is running for Lakewood City Council. Wow it's been a battle, but she kicking ass!

Nothing like a small hometown community to get things shaken when you have a young, beautiful Latina woman with three young children running! Whew, the sparks can fly... but no worries, Marisa and all of us supporting her are cool and confidant that her outstanding record of public service will be all we need to say.

She is an accomplished woman with many accolades to her credit ... at just 38 years old she has 14 years of experience in public policy, including a st
int as a budget analyst for a former President working in the White House... she is a loving mother to three adorable children all 5 and under... and she's a great friend. Her parents have traveled here from Texas to support their daughter in her run, it's an entire family affair!

Win or lose on Tuesday, Marisa is already a winner baby!

Now get out and vote on Tuesday!


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