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Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 324: Abbe, Lindsey, Marisa, Nancy & Lili ... You Go Girls!

Oh my fabulous West Hollywood candidates... what an ordeal it has been. What a battle they have endured... the endless attacks on ridiculous Blogs, Facebook postings with no merit, countless unsubstantiated articles... it has been quite a spectacle. And it is painful when the attacks are directed at people you love and admire.

Wow, I've said it before on my Blog, it brings up horrible memories of wh
at I went through. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone... the campaign attacks are brutal. They can be mean spirited and hurtful.

These two women are accomplished in their own right. If you do not want to support them, don't. But don't stoop so low as to write untruthful material anywhere you can find a keypad... be productive and spend your time supporting your candidate.

Tomorrow is Election Day in Los Angeles county.

I've got two great women in Beverly Hills that I'm supporting, Nancy Krasne & Lili Bosse; I've got my Marisa Perez down in Lakewood running for City Council; and I've got my two girls Lindsey Horvath & Abbe Land making us proud in West Hollywood.

Do what you can to spread the word about these terrific women who
will make a difference in their communities. You want them at the table making policy for you... I assure you, you do, so make it happen!


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