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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 249: Another Family Feast

Tonight we hosted a dinner with friends & family to celebrate some holiday cheer. I gotta hand it to my son Harrison who made from scratch, delicious ginger & carrot soup, and roasted a pork shoulder roast ... oh my goodness, so yummy! I made my mother's mashed potatoes and our favorite vegetable, brussel sprouts. Wow! What a dinner.

Pictured here is college boy Brandon with his Papa Joe.

I sipped my yummy champagne and Brian poured delicious wine for all. We had 12 teenagers and one pre-teen (our niece Esme).... can you imagine the energy in the house with all these teens. I of course LOVED it!

Pictured here are my gorgeous nieces Olivia (17), Esme (11) and Zoe (19)

I love the house being full of friends & family, especially the kids.... and I love entertaining. I spent days decorating the house to make it festive and it brings me great pleasure to have a warm and cozy home.

Pictured here are three of my favorite boys Son Harrison, good friend Ryan, and good friend Griffin. Love these boys!

And below is a picture of good friend Justin Ruder mowing on a yummy lamb chop that Harrison made for appetizers!

Between last night's dinner at Lawry's and tonight's beautiful party at home, it's beginning to feel like the holidays for me! And I'm lovin' it!


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