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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 250: More Holiday Cheer

The Holidays are in full swing now, that's for sure. Thank goodness I took a nice run at the beach this morning! An absolutely glorious day! The rain does that in Los Angeles.... it clears out all the smog and ick that build up here in our air. The beach was magnificent. Clear, crisp, gorgeous. Melody (my running trainer) and I even did our stretching out on the sand.... just beautiful.

With all the eating and drinking I've been consuming, I was happy to have a good sweat. Tonight was once again another celebratory dinner at one of my favorite throw-backs, The Buggy Whip. Yummy. If you have never experienced this place, I highly recommend you make it a priority in 2011. If you enjoy a cast of characters to dine with, great surf & turf, red leather booths, then this is your spot. Peter, the piano player was on fire with his Christmas music, and a good time was had by all. Tomorrow brings more fun I'm sure!


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