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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 248: The Lawry's Tradition

Ah, our yearly visit to the famed Lawry's Restaurant for holiday prime rib! Yummy! I have been going to Lawry's since I was a child with my family for the delicious meal & festivities at this time of the year. Hubby Brian and I have continued the tradition with our boy's and it is a treat they always look forward to!

Pictured here is me (the proud Mama) with two of her cubs, Harrison & Spencer Simon (both 15 years old).

If you have never visited this Los Angeles landmark, and you are a healthy eater, then I highly recommend putting it on your things to accomplish in 2011. Especially if you are a carnivore like us Simon's. The food is always scrumptious and the Singing Carolers are always special.

A few years ago dear gal pal Suzee Markowitz and her son Brandon joined our yearly tradition for the feast.

Pictured here are Suzee and her handsome son Brandon.

And pictured here is me with my son Brandon .... these two boys, now 19 years old were born the same day and share the same name!

Pictured here is my son Brandon and his friend beautiful Kalli, who took all the lovely photos for us!

If you ever doubt that your children may not care or treasure the family traditions you have created, don't, because they do care. I've written about this before ... your children do care about traditions, consistency, things they can depend on and look forward to. This special family dinner at Lawry's during the Holidays is one of those memories. We love sharing the tradition with good friends Suzee & Brandon.

Pictured here is me and gal pal Suzee!

What a beautiful night full of great food, treasured friendships and blissful memories!


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