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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 240: Beaches, Babies, Beautiful

I ran today on the bike path at the beach this morning. Oh my gosh, such a magnificent day. Sun was shining, sky was blue and I couldn't help but be grateful that we lived in sunny California! As you watch news reports of the blizzards and dangerous weather conditions pounding the country, it was hard to imagine, as all I saw were miles of sunshine and coastline.

Running is hard enough, but when the scenic route is this beautiful it does make the pain of the run much more palatable. I ran a little later then normal this morning so there was a different vibe at the beach. And because it was a very unseasonable warm day, there were many more people out and about than usual.

I usually stop for water and a bathroom break at the Annenberg Center at the beach, have you visited there yet? Oh my goodness what a treasure that her estate donated to Angeleno's. If you have not gone yet or taken the family, put it on your list of places to visit. Anyway, it's next door to Back on the Beach restaurant and there is a darling play area in the sand for the little tykes. It was full of Mommies and babies today. The sun will do that ... parents want to get the kids out of the house when it's this gorgeous outside.

I couldn't help but look at all the scrumptious children, from little tiny ones to toddlers. What a flashback I had. There are days where I feel like it was a million years ago that my three sons played in the sand and on the swings, and then other days I feel like it was just yesterday.

Depending on my mood I can either have a moment of sadness that those years are gone, or a moment of happiness that I relished those days and now have older more independent children. I always feel like telling the young mom's to soak up the moment ... that the joy of these days, raising your babies is priceless and should not be viewed or experienced as a burden, but rather as a privilege.

I felt privileged too. That I was able to run, that my body allowed me to and that I had the strength to take this glorious run. That the sun was shining. That my three boys are healthy. That I have raised them to be respectful young men. For a moment I wished I could travel back in time and be sitting in the sand building sand castles and giggling with the boys.... but it's pretty cool to enjoy them as teenagers too ... no matter what age your children are, every day with them is a gift.

Thank you darling babies for putting a smile on my face. Babies have a way of reminding us how precious and fragile life is ... if you have a chance to sit at the park or go to the beach and watch the babies play, I promise you will feel at peace and be reminded that there are miracles in this chaotic world we live in.


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