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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 241: 24 Hours

What I Accomplished in 24 Hours

Drafted & emailed to 75 media outlets a Press Release announcing gal pal Marisa Perez' candidacy for Lakewood City Council *Ran 7 miles *Worried about Bailey (our gorgeous Golden Retriever of 9 years) while he underwent surgery for a growth that had to be biopsied * Attended niece Esme's musical Broadway performance * Wrote Letter of Recommendation for gal pal Candace * Visited the podiatrist * Picked up custom orthodics* Grocery shopped at Trader Joe's *Packed 2 lunches * Cooked breakfast & dinner * Celebrated boys making Palisades Charter High School Baseball team * Sent Good Luck note to college boy for finals* Picked up and dropped off teenage sons Harrison & Spencer from school in the Palisades * Took son Spencer to physical therapy * Made coffee for hubby Brian * Washed dishes * Folded laundry * Got gas in the Cadillac * Went to the bank * Posted to my Birthday Blog * Made Holiday reservations * Made dental appointments for boy's * Had eyebrows waxed & colored * Spoke to numerous people on the phone * Wrote & responded to numerous emails * Sent multiple texts *Picked up college boy from airport .... and I question why I'm always tired!


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