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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 236: Visiting the Dentist

So today was my teeth cleaning appointment. Never something one looks forward to, yet, I am a regular customer... going 3 times per year. Yeah I know, sounds like a lot, but you can never be too careful with your teeth, gums and dental hygiene.

One of my goals when I started my Birthday Blog was to commit to flossing daily. Proudly I have stayed true to this goal (well maybe I missed a few days here & there) and it does make a difference.

When I meet someone new for the first time, I always notice a person's skin and their teeth. Nothing beats a beautiful pearly white smile. And nothing ruins your impression of someone then when they grin and you see discolored, crooked and unkept teeth. Ewe!

So off I went to get my shine going on my teeth. I also make sure all three sons & hubby Brian visit a minimum of twice a year and sometimes even three times. Now that teenagers Harrison & Spencer have their braces off it's so beautiful to look at their groomed and white teeth.

So if you are dreading making that dental appointment or continuously putting it off, I encourage you to make the call and get your tush in the dental chair!

Your smile will love you for it!


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