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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 235: The Driving Process

Can't believe I made appointments today for teenagers Harrison & Spencer to take their written driver's license exam for next month! Yikes, it has just crept up on me that on January 21st they will be 15 and a half (the age you apply for your learner's permit).

I remember when Brandon was approaching this age and thinking, how can I have a son old enough to be driving? And now he's a sophomore in college and will turn 20 in two months! He'll be leaving the teenage years... oh my gosh.

I've written it so many times before in my Blog posts, time is precious, the years do fly by ... and certain milestones cast the light even brighter... such as the right of passage of turning 16 in California and getting your driver's license.

At least with Brandon I only had one driver to worry about at a time.... can't imagine how this is going to work with two at the same time! The other night I had Harrison drive with me and Spencer drove with Brian, I guess we will truly have to tag team on this adventure!


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