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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 229: Holiday Shopping Accident

So I had a great, productive day shopping for the Holidays today. It wasn't all Holiday purchases, I also had to run several errands to pick up goodies for me and the boys.

I was on a roll and feeling very good about what I was accomplishing. Somehow this time of the year usually makes me feel behind! Behind in getting my decorations up in the house, getting the right attire to wear to Holiday parties, questioning whether I send a Holiday card this year, and on and on.

My arms were loaded up with packages from Sephora, See's Candy (my favorite, in case you ever wanted to know, especially the molasses chips!) Justice Clothing for Girls, and Game Stop (electronic games store), and more. I needed to grab one more gift and while I was waiting to pay I had to put all my packages down in order to grab my wallet. I also needed to sit myself down to just take a breather... well I mistook the location of the bench in the boutique store and fell flat on my ass on the floor. OUCH!!!!!!

My entire right side is so sore. What a klutz. Have you ever sat down to find that the chair you thought was there had been moved? Well, that's what I did and I'm paying for it tonight. In my haste I was not paying attention and have now really screwed up my lower back and tush. Very painful!

Who ever knew Holiday shopping could actually be dangerous for your body!


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