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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 228: Scared to Death

Oh my gosh, not really sure how to write this post so that my followers can totally appreciate the story .... if you need clarification, call me.

Last night Brian attended a concert with a friend. It was a business schmooze-thing in a suite at Staples Center. I knew he'd be home late. I crashed early, still so tired from New York and then the whirlwind of catching up upon our return.

At 11:30 p.m. I was frantically woken up by my teenage sons, Harrison & Spencer standing over my bed, holding a golf club and saying someone had broken into the house and was downstairs.

Well if you know me, this is one of my biggest fears in life. Probably should wean myself from CSI TV shows because I went into complete panic and fear. I told them to get into my bathroom while I grabbed the phone next to the bed and dialed 911. All three of us went into the private toilet stall of the bathroom, shut the door, and waited with fear as I reported the alleged crime to a 911 dispatcher. The dispatcher was terrific who stayed on the line with me the entire time we were hiding.

As the three of us were huddled in this tiny space breathing heavy, my heart was pounding and I thought oh my God please don't let anything happen to us. I was scared out of my mind.

All of sudden I heard a helicopter over our house and sirens blaring. The dispatcher said police are rolling up momentarily and asked if I heard the helicopter? Oh my gosh they had sent in the National Guard, I mean a helicopter. I never felt so grateful.

As I continued talking to the dispatcher I told her my husband was out and she says, "could it be him downstairs".... I panicked more and said "please tell the police not to shoot if it's Brian" (can you believe this damn story) ....

She said give me his cell number, then she gets back on the line with me to tell me that yes it was my husband breaking into my house!

I go running downstairs to police swarming my house, a helicopter hovering above with strobe lights and Brian being questioned by the police. "What the hell are you doing? I say to him ....

I had his house key, because our house sitter (from when we were out of town last week) forgot to leave me my key .... he said he didn't want to wake us so he decided to jump the side fence and crawl through the doggie-door. So many things are wrong with this story. Why the hell didn't he just call us ... says he didn't want to wake us up. Well he certainly woke us up and the entire neighborhood!

Lesson for you all, don't try to be courteous and not wake your family if you don't have a key, call them, don't attempt to break in and scare the family out of their minds! I could never get settled all night or really fall asleep, I mean just moments before I feared for my life with my sons...

Harrison had brought the golf club with him which I still can't believe.... he said he was going to use it on the burglar .... When we were in the bathroom stall, while I was on the phone with the dispatcher, one of of my favorite lines was when the boys said "call John Bell, he'll come over and save us!" Gotta love my neighbor big John Bell who the boys obviously believe is invincible.

Damn, what a night!


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