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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 227: We Have A Winner!

Congratulations Ms. Harris!

Whew, wow... finally we have a declared winner! Can you believe California had an election on November 2 and only today the winner of the Attorney Generals race made her acceptance speech. Crazy!

I supported Kamala Harris in her run for California's top Law Enforcement position and I'm thrilled she has won. Not just because she is the first woman and first minority to hold the office, but because she stands for making change to our very screwed up criminal justice system.

Did you know that California has the HIGHEST recidivism rate in the entire Country? That's not a statistic any of us should be proud of. We should be embarrassed about it. And embarrassed that we build more prisons than schools.

I don't know if Kamala Harris is able to fix all our state's criminal woes, but if she can implement policy to move this state forward on crime prevention then I'm all about her. I can't stand that we have so many inmates and so many prisons. I can't stand that my tax dollars fund the construction of prisons over new schools. I also can't stand that babies, children grow up in gang invested communities and have no shot at a decent life and then end up in the criminal justice system. So if we can get a hold of kids when they are young -- and cutting school and doing drugs -- and have an impact on their lives, then I will happily support those programs.

Prevention is key. Parenting is key. Community is key. And having an Attorney General who will implement progressive, alternative and radical change to these issues is key.

Congratulations again Ms. Harris. Make us proud please!


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