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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 224: SEVENTH DAY: Time To Go Home

Today was a long day of good-byes and travel. But wouldn't you know it, the morning we are leaving it begins to snow! Real beautiful snowflakes... I thought can this trip get any better! It was a real treat to see beautiful white snow fall before we headed home.

We packed up and hit the road for about a 3 hour drive from Austerlitz to JFK Airport to head back home to Los Angeles. One of the small towns (tiny, tiny town!) in the countryside was named none other then ... SPENCERTOWN! Can you believe it ... so of course we had to stop and have our Spencer pose for a photo!

The ride to the airport was gorgeous. Beautiful open country to marvel out. It's always sad to end a great time and to leave the people you love, but we will cherish the memories created this past week for a lifetime.

It was also a good-bye for me to the college boy Brandon who boarded a plane back to Oregon while us four Simon's headed back home to Los Angeles.

As I watched my handsome son's face turn to walk down the airport corridor, I had a very teary-eyed moment ... not out of sadness, but out of pure happiness. Happiness that hubby Brian and I had made this trip happen, that we were welcomed so graciously by family on the East Coast, that the earth didn't cave in because we didn't stick to tradition and host Thanksgiving Dinner, happiness for my family's health, laughter, and love... a very blessed Thanksgiving it was!

So from the Ritter Simon family ....

to the Yousem Wolf Family, we say thank you for a beautiful Holiday week ... the boys loved New York so much, who knows we might all be back next year!


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