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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 225: Happy Anniversay

Well we made it home safe and sound from our whirlwind New York trip. The four of us - Brian, Harrison, Spencer and me are back safe to Los Angeles and college boy Brandon made it safely back to his dorm room at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Whew!

I was very surprised this morning when hubby of 23 years woke me with a brewing cup of my favorite coffee - an Americana, a cinnamon roll and a beautiful cut rose from our rose garden on the side of the house. What a beautiful way to wake up on your Anniversary, especially after a very long day of travel.

Today has been spent regrouping ... unpacking, going through piles of mail, doing loads of laundry, marketing, filling the car with gas, refilling prescriptions, and updating my Blog! Whew...

Hubby went to the market so I could record our trip via blog entries ... when he returned we popped a bottle of champagne to congratulate one another on still being married after all these years. We didn't need a fancy dinner (had too many of those in New York), or a night out on the town (also had too many of those in NY), or a big to do celebration... sometimes it's just the small things like the coffee and rose in bed, or the yummy champagne which we drank out of the two remaining champagne flutes from our wedding gifts, to make it a special memory.

We have much to be thankful for and mostly it's for each other...
Happy Anniversary Mr. Simon from your Bride ...


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