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Friday, November 26, 2010

DAY 223: SIXTH DAY: The Day After

I think we were all a little hung over this morning and not just from the wine, but the food too! We had a delicious feast, but Thanksgiving is a long day and the affects are felt the day after.

We had a leisurely morning and then rallied later in the day to go on an adventure to see some of the country. We loaded up the two cars and made the beautiful drive back to Great Barrington, Massachusetts to walk the quaint town and hit some of the gourmet food stores. Always an adventure with this crew.

Pictured here is the gang (minus hubby Brian who was always taking the photos!) on the charming streets in Great Barrington.

Earlier in the day Kevin, Zachary, Harrison and Brian had visited a local working farm that produces fresh cheeses .... you open a refrigerator and select your item and leave payment on the honor system! Can you imagine that in Los Angeles! Nothing like delicious, fresh and all natural yummy cheese!

Pictured here is chef Harrison examining his cheese selection.

It was a cold, cold day as we walked the streets of this beautiful city. But that didn't stop the tourists and locals from being out and about. The streets had a Holiday buzz about them as folks wandered into the gourmet cheese stores, the fabulous candy store (called ROBIN'S), the coffeehouses and all the hip restaurants. It was a great way to spend the day after Thanksgiving.... walking off some of our turkey.

Today is our last full day on the East Coast. Always sad to have a fabulous trip come to an end, but you know you had a wonderful time when you leave still wanting more!

We celebrated our last night once again with an amazing meal. We made the ride over to Hudson, another small pocket town in this beautiful countryside for a fresh-from-the-farm-to-table-meal. Local 111 is a charming little restaurant where the young woman chef has created quite a name for herself in the region. I ate one of the best beet salads I've ever had... everything fresh & yummy. We dined and laughed some more ... this our last meal together of the trip.

Once again I want to say how thankful the Simon's are for kid sis Jennifer & beau Kevin's hospitality. We are a lot with 5 of us and three large teenage sons... but they were gracious and inviting and really showered us with love & fun.

It was a wonderful day to end our week long vacation.


yousem said...

We loved having you & can't wait for you to come back again in the summer !!! =)

Robyn Ritter Simon said...

Thank you :) We love all the Wolf's in your house xoxoxo

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