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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 204: 15 Years Today

Crazy to imagine, but my mom, the beautiful Suzanne Sherman, passed away 15 years ago today, November 7th. She was 55 years young when her dreadful cancer got the best of her.

I know I join with my sisters and family & friends in saying that we all miss her. I went to the cemetery today with a huge bouquet of orange flowers. Like me, she loved Fall and all it had to offer. She was born in October, had auburn hair and loved Halloween & Thanksgiving as much as I do.

She loved the beach too. This picture is taken in front of her home (the grey one with the yellow staircase in the background) in Santa Monica. I am pregnant with my twin boys. I gave birth two weeks after this photo was taken. She died 3 months after this picture was captured.

When someone dies so young, you have to hold on tight to the memories you created together when they were alive, otherwise your mind drifts to all that was missed in their absence. Like how my twin sons Harrison & Spencer were only 3 months old when she died ... or that my niece Esme, wasn't even born. But she carries Mom's name, Suzanne, as her middle name. Or that she never got to see her daughter Jennifer graduate from college or fall in love. How many things she missed out on, and how much we all missed out on not having her here.

All of Suzanne's children and grandchildren carry on her memory & legacy - that's what they mean about the circle of life. So invest everything you can in making memories with your loved one's so that when they are gone the warm thoughts of you being together will carry you through on dark days like today.

Rest in peace Susu.


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