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Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 205: Our Bed Update

Those of you following my Blog have read about our bed saga. After 10 years we purchased a new mattress. When the new mattress arrived and we slept on it for a few nights both Brian and I agreed it felt like sleeping on a slap of cement. While we both prefer a firm mattress to a soft one, this was way over firm!

So after some two months of giving it a try, we realized it was time to return the mattress and select a new one. As you know if you have ever bought a new mattress, this is no easy task. So today Brian and I were once again laying on several mattresses in the middle of the store. What an awkward experience it is... you feel like your sharing a bed with lots of strangers!

I almost fell asleep at one point on one of the mattresses. I figured that was the one to go with.... don't ya think? I couldn't decide though if it was such a great bed or my body was just so tired from running 7 miles up hills this morning and then running around like the mad woman I am. Come 4 o'clock when we met up at the store I was due for a nap I thought!

In any event, Macy's was terrific and agreed to take our mattress back for no restocking fee and we placed an order for the new mattress. Should arrive this week. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep because I gotta tell you, it hasn't been a smooth sleep for the past two months.

Ah, what we do to sleep like a baby again!


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