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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 200: Election Wrap Up & 200 Posts

Many of us are recovering from a very long political season. So many candidates and issues ... so much money raised & spent, too many phone calls & campaign literature ... too many television ads! I believe Californians were feeling besieged .. welcome to campaigns. Until the process is changed or voters adopt campaign finance reform, this will be the beast we contend with every election cycle.

Well, I'm very happy today with the results. My candidates WON and Prop 23 went down in defeat. While many other states may be licking their wounds, Californians had very few defeats. Yes, Nancy Pelosi lost her Speakership, and depending on how you felt about Prop 19, many see this as a victory that it lost. There are several other tight races yet to be called, but for most of my endorsed candidates, I saw victory.

All my gals won, Holly J. Mitchell, Laurie Lieberman, Barbara Boxer, Debra Bowen, Julia Brownley, Betsy Butler and maybe even Kamala Harris ... as this post is being written she is leading, but it's too soon to declare a victory just yet, not like her opponent did last night!

And I supported Chris Coons against Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell in Delaware and we won! I mean really anyone who doesn't "believe" in masturbation (never heard of that party affiliation before) didn't deserve to win! Congrats to Chris!

And today is symbolic as well for me! I can't believe this is my 200th Post on the Birthday Blog! Wow! Kudos to me and all the fabulous women candidates who will be leading our State!

Thank you all for being on this Birthday Blog Journey with me!


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