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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 201: They Remember & Care

Just when you think your children don't pay attention to you or your actions, or don't care, or don't remember or that you didn't leave an impression on them .... and an exchange comes along like this.

My teenage boys Harrison & Spencer have their Traditions Baseball Formal Dinner coming up next week. Coach is very strict and requires all players to wear a coat and tie, to show respect for their team and for their parents who graciously support the baseball program with their resources (So much for public education being free, that's a myth, you pay for everything!).

The annual dinner is for parents and players to become acquainted and is intended to raise money to fund the baseball program. It is very expensive to maintain a field, to purchase equipment, to hire umpires & coaches, etc. So it's a fundraising dinner. We attended last year and it was a lovely way to get to know parents and players.

The boys have outgrown every stitch of clothing in their closets so we had to make a dash to Macy's to buy formal wear. Harrison bought a beautiful new navy pinstripe suit (42 Long!) and Spencer selected a gorgeous Ralph Lauren blue blazer and khaki colored slacks. They both look smart in their new duds.

Mom saw a lovely silver dress ... when we got home I tried the dress & shoes on for Spencer to enlist his opinion of the outfit (don't want to embarrass my children at a baseball function that's for sure!)

Spencer said "great shoes" (love that!) and thought the dress looked fine. I said two things. One, we don't dress "fine" we dress outstanding or we don't go!

And two, "I also have a great red dress I could wear instead." He said, "No you wore red last year!" I said how did you remember that? He says, "because you stood out, the only Mom in red!" I cracked up and said, "Well I'm glad you noticed and remembered. That's the way you want to dress so you stand out... you never want to blend in!"

Then I go downstairs to ask Harrison if he remembers what I wore the previous year and he too says a red dress! Oh my gosh I love these boys! Just like their Dad, they pay attention and notice the important things, like what their Mom was wearing!

So when you think your children don't care about you being around, or spending time with them, or talking with them or what you wear or how you present yourself in front of their school and friends, think again, because chances are they remember everything!


Anonymous said...

I love this!! Harrison and Spencer are indeed very observant (and sweet!) despite there teenage boy attitude ;-)

Love the Simons!!!

Go Baseball!

Boys Formal Wear said...

Yep! your right. Those boys are very observant.

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