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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 199: VOTE

There is nothing else to talk about today then VOTING.

I have written for months about my thoughts on candidates and issues on the California ballot. I have also talked about important races throughout the Country.

Whatever your party affiliation or your political leanings, I urge you to exercise your right and VOTE today.

In my local Assembly District (47th) Holly J. Mitchell is my candidate.

In Santa Monica, I support a dynamic education leader and our friend, Laurie Lieberman for Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School Board.

Also in Santa Monica is incumbent Assemblywoman Julia Brownley who is up for re-election, she has my endorsement.

For California Attorney General I am supporting San Fransisco District Attorney Kamala Harris.

For Secretary of State incumbent Debra Bowen has my vote.

And if protecting choice for women is a concern for you, there is no other candidate then Barbara Boxer for the Senate.

And I have discussed my views on Proposition 23 frequently on my Blog. A NO VOTE of Prop 23 will protect California's powerful and vital environmental policies.

Please join with me to support these candidates and issues. Even if you disagree, still vote ... vote for all those around the world who don't have a voice and don't live in a democracy. Your VOTE really does count, and matter ... I know this first hand!


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