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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 169: Who Are You Supporting on November 2?

I volunteered for the Kamala Harris campaign today. She is a candidate for California Attorney General. If she wins she'll be the first woman, first African American and first Asian American to hold the seat as the the State's top cop. She is currently the District Attorney in San Francisco. I have written about Kamala before in my Blog and why I beleive she'd make an excellent AG. She has my vote on November 2. To learn more about Kamala visit her website st:

I am supporting Holly J. Mitchell who is running for the State Assembly in the 47th District which is my legislative district. I have also written about Holly before in my Blog. To learn more about Holly, visit her website at:

And very important to me is the defeat of Proposition 23.

Two Texas oil companies are spending millions to push Prop. 23, a deceptive ballot proposition that would kill California clean energy and air pollution reduction standards. Four years ago, California passed a clean air law (AB 32) that holds polluters accountable and requires them to reduce air pollution that threatens human health and contributes to global climate change. This law has launched California to the forefront of the clean technology industry, sparking innovation and clean energy businesses that are creating hundreds of thousands of new California jobs.

To learn more and to learn why I am opposed to Prop. 23 visit:

Please join me in supporting the candidates and by voting NO on Prop. 23.


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