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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 168: Traveling Education

I attended a meeting this morning for an education travel program called People to People. My son Spencer was nominated for the program. It is a student Ambassador program where students from the United States travel to other countries to learn. Wow have times changed. As I listened during the parent orientation about how our world is more connected and global then ever before, in thanks to technology, the case for how important travel and foreign exposure are, has never resonated so much.

Well what a small world it is ... As I approached the registration table I saw a woman who I then realized was Spencer's 2nd grade teacher from Canfield Avenue Elementary School! We hugged each other and couldn't believe how the years had gone by. She was thrilled that I was there and was telling all the other travel leaders about my boy's. Amazing that she remembered my little boy from so many years ago. Spencer has that affect on people. He's worth remembering if you are a teacher. He's the type of student you wish all your classes were filled with.

I listened to the presentation and let my mind wonder about all the adventures my boys could have traveling with a guided tour with other teenagers from throughout the US. I have always believed that travel teaches you what you can not learn in a textbook.

Maybe Spencer will be an international diplomat, work at a consulate, speak several foreign languages, work toward peace ... ah the possibilities ... it was a very interesting morning.


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