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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 170: My Favorite Time of Year

I've written before how the Fall Season is my favorite time of the year. Especially October. It's the time when our weather begins to shift from hot days to more warm days, and cool nights. When the sunrise and sunset have more burnt orange tones and when the days get shorter as the clocks get pushed back an hour. It is also the time when the boys have settled back-to-school and by now are in a full routine, albeit an always changing one when you have teenagers, and it's a time to celebrate my favorite Libra Birthday's and to celebrate my two favorite holiday's Halloween & Thanksgiving.

I love when the air is cool and you bundle up in your sweater. I love that tonight as my boys did their homework they asked for a cup of tea with honey as the rain came down outside. It's a night for a fire.

October is a month to honor two people I love. My Mom, Suzanne, was a Libra and my hubby Brian is a Libra too. Probably two of the most significant people in my life who share a birthday two days apart.

October kicks off a busy time in the Simon house. With Birthday's, our annual Halloween party and are annual Thanksgiving feast we are busy and full the entire month through.

This year we are not hosting Turkey Day and instead will be flying to New York to spend the holiday with kid sis Jennifer and her beau Kevin. A change of pace. A fresh landscape. An opportunity to travel with the boys. A chance to celebrate Turkey Day in the country on the East Coast.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I have always loved its meaning -- giving thanks for your lot in life. Taking stock in what you have, the people you care about, being grateful for your health. It's also my wedding anniversary. Brian and I specifically planned to get married on Thanksgiving weekend so it's also a time to honor our marriage. Going to New York is for us as well to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary.

I think it's only fitting that today it's raining as we begin the first week in October. Just the way I like it. Something about the weather, the change of seasons, the anticipation of Halloween, it all brings up such cozy memories for me. I'm hoping Brian and Harrison will cook their famous Simon Chili.

I will miss certain people this year. It won't be the same Holiday without Nat and his Pink's Hot Dogs. It won't be the same without one of my chicks, Brandon who is away at college. He and Papa Nat shared a special bond getting those Pink's Hot dogs for the big Halloween party. It's not the same without them together. And of course I'll miss my Mom, not only on her October Birthday, but at the festive Holidays as she is the one who started this whole crazy Fall kickoff of seasonal holidays.

Her traditions have been passed down to her daughters and in turn I have passed them on to my sons. They come to except our traditions and cherish them as much as I do ... well maybe not as much as me yet, that will come with time and even more so when I'm not around anymore to host them.

Enjoy the Fall season... be warm & cozy, and celebrate your traditions and family!


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