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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 171: Getting Our Message Out

I hosted the NWPC LA Westside Communications Committee meeting this evening. We gathered to strategize on how to better communicate our mission, our activities and our goals.

I've been involved with the National Women's Political Caucus for years, both with the local LA Westside Chapter and on the state Board. We are an organization committed to recruiting, training and electing more pro choice women to public office.

With so many groups and organizations to be involved with you need to be selective with your time. My passion is gender parity in politics. Who we elect to office can have a profound impact on our lives; from the legislative polices they propose; to the appointments they make at the Judicial level and on Boards and Commissions; all of these decisions make an impact on your life. So it really does matter who we cast our vote for.

With the November 2 Election less than a month away, I hope you have been reading up on the candidates and issues on the ballot. I have written about my support for Kamala Harris for California State Attorney General and my support for Holly J. Mitchell, candidate for the 47th Assembly, my legislative district. And my opposition to Proposition 23, an initiative that would roll back environmental polices set forth by voters a few years ago.

So tonight some fabulous women I work with on the NWPC LA Westside Board of Directors gathered to figure out how best to insert our mission into the lives of women in our community. Lots of energy and buzz.

One Board member shared how she believed NWPC was a very inclusive group, I shared why I devote my time toward NWPC. It's a group focused on grassroots activism, it's multi partisan, and it is the only organization where the core issue is electing pro choice women.

To learn more about our local Chapter, please visit or to learn more about our State activities, please visit

Thanks to my NWPC sisters, Betsy Johnson, Lindsay Bubar, Karriann Farrell Hinds, Kristi Blicharski, and Rebecca Simon for taking your valuable time and contributing it toward such a worthy cause!


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