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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 149: First Day of 10th Grade

Today was the first day of 10th grade for Harrison & Spencer at Palisades High School. Wow, already 10th grade for my two babies. Brandon began his second year of college a few weeks ago... still can't believe that either!

As is tradition in the Simon house - since the boys began pre-school - we have been taking a picture of them on their first day of school in the same spot in front of our house. Oh my gosh how they have grown over the years.

Pictured above are all three of my scrumptious boys from L-R, Spencer, Brandon, and Harrison... photo taken on Harrison & Spencer's first day of Kindergarten at Canfield Avenue Elementary and Brandon's first day of 3rd grade at Westwood Charter Elementary School! Oh the memories!

So my boys joined some 700,000 students today across Los Angeles -- some entering Kindergarten others entering Senior year -- all beginning the year with a fresh start ... a chance to have a productive, healthy, and fun new year in school.

Parents across the district were scrambling today with logistical concerns ... some buses have been halted due to budget cuts so there's the transportation issue ... there's the "what to pack for lunch" question as the lunch lines are way too long to stand in during a very brief lunch period ... there's a new bus route to take home from school, the new time schedule, the new baseball schedule... all honors and AP courses ... it's going to be a rigorous year with challenges, but no doubt incredible rewards as well.

Pictured here are my 15 year old teenagers Spencer & Harrison on the first day of 10th grade (today) ... in the same spot in our front yard on Canfield Avenue ... the only home they have ever known!

So we kicked off the day easy-peasy... boys rise early, get ready, eat a hearty breakfast and out the door they go ... pick up was a breeze and a stop once again by Office Depot for more school supplies... dinner, homework... we are back to the grind already on the first day!

Oye, it's gonna be a long year!


Anonymous said...

My nephews are so cute !! I love the new white smiles.

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