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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 148: A Double Header

Ah, after a 6 week hiatus today we sprung back into High School baseball with a double header no less! So let's see ... I was at the baseball field for 7 and a half hours today ... wow, and I wonder where the time goes!

Given that the boys were off for these past few weeks I gotta say they played very well. Both Harrison & Spencer pitched beautifully, like real pros and Spencer had a a great hit which should have taken him just to first base, but because of errors on the opposing team he got all the way to third base. Granted it was Spencer running. That kid has wheels like nobodies business.

It was great to see all the parents after our brief break. There were mixed feelings and conversations among the parents about school starting tomorrow. Some parents were looking forward to getting their children back into a routine while others were dreading the grueling grind of up early, early bus drop offs, crazy studying & homework and of course high school sports which really do take over a family's home life.

I'm ambivalent. Part of me looks forward to the boys having a routine and learning, yet there is something great about not driving in traffic across town to get to class on time (we are NEVER late) and watching them labor over their school homework for hours. I never remember school being this difficult or challenging. Their classes are insane and now entering 10th grade they have AP classes (Advance Placement courses) which are college level courses. We never had this offered to us in 10th grade!

So my boys along with 600,000 plus students will return to school tomorrow. All their parents are laboring over the same logistical issues... LAUSD is the largest school district in the country and tomorrow these students return to school.

If you are wondering whether your morning commute to the office will be impacted, the answer is yes!

Happy Back to School Los Angeles students! May the year be productive and successful for you and your families!


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