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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 126: Last Family Summer Dinner

Tonight Brian and I and the boys - Brandon, Harrison & Spencer had dinner together for the last time in Summer 2010. Harrison & Spencer leave tomorrow for Camp Harmony to be camp counselors for a week and while they are gone, Brandon returns to college.

Wow, I can't believe our summer as a family has come to an end. What a whirlwind it has been. I mean really a whirlwind. On any given night we probably had 6 to 7 teenage bodies sleeping at the house. The food shopping, cooking and BBQs that took place were endless. The house always had a buzz ... sports games blaring from the TV screen, video games being played, music pumping ... and certainly lots of laughter.

I have always said that two of the ingredients to raising healthy teenage boys must include food & sports. One day I will post my philosophy on why I believe family meals are so vital to a child's upbringing and why any sports activity - organized or otherwise - is equally important to raising boys.

Having all three sons together over the summer has been wonderful. Watching them interact and be "bros" was very special for me. When one of your chicks leaves for college the dynamics of the house are forever changed. For good or bad. For me it's bad because I so crave my chicks being together. But part of responsible parenting is giving your children the wings to fly and to be successful while on their journey.

So Harrison and Spencer will experience being camp counselors at sleep away camp for the first time and Brandon will return to begin his Sophomore year of college. As sad as it may make me, it also brings me much joy that they are all on these great paths of life.

So as we sat around the dinner table us 5 Simon's, dining on our last meal together for many months, I thought what a great summer it has been!


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