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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 127: Last Week With College Boy

Wow, I can't believe I only have 3 days left with college boy, Brandon. He leaves Friday morning to drive to Oregon to return to school. So that only leaves three days to accomplish all that we have to do! Get the car tuned up and ready for the 16 hour drive to the Pacific Northwest; see Dr. Bluestone one last time before he leaves to make sure the MONO is under control before heavy conditioning for baseball begins; see his grandparents and family members before departing; see his friends; pack up items necessary for the college year; yikes so much to do!

So tonight we had dinner with Papa Joe -- lots of words of encouragement as Brandon enters an interesting year filled with lots of decisions and pressure. If he "starts" as one of three pitchers, and has a blow out season then a possible transfer could be in the works. If not well we just don't know. Lots of decisions and life thinking conversations have consumed the house the past 48 hours.

It's all part of the process. I mean the reality is ... what is the rush to get out of college in 4 years? So you can get a dead end job in an office making maybe 35k a year -- barley enough to support yourself in your hometown of Los Angeles which means you are probably living at home with a college degree and your parents.

Who cares is what I say! The economy sucks. The job market in 3 years when Brandon graduates will still be bleak so enjoy what you've got goin' now whether it be academics and a graduate degree or athleticism and a post college baseball career.

What matters is that you grow into the best person you can, because what really counts is not how fast you accomplish the task at hand, but the person you've become while doing the work.

Sure Brian and I would like him to finish in 4 years -- it's damn expensive. But what difference does it make if we pay for him to be in Oregon or another University or at home which is what most of my friends with college graduates are doing -- supporting their children post college degrees. Not that they don't work, but pure economics and the workforce reality makes it impossible to live alone and entirely support yourself. It's the world and economy we live in today.

I met a man the other morning running at the beach. We struck up a conversation and he was so proud of his son who played Baseball at Wake Forrest College. Guess what? After graduation his son is parking cars now at a trendy restaurant! Living at home. Sure he's studying for the LSAT exam in hopes to attend law school, but really the fact is so many of these kids, with stellar educations still do the mundane jobs of parking cars or waitressing just like I did. There's no shame in work, any work as long as you are doing your best daily.

This is the advice I have counseled Brandon with ... life doesn't have to fit into a tidy little box. It doesn't mean you have to finish college in 4 years; it does not mean you have to give up on your dreams to play ball; and don't always follow the rules. This is the time in life where you perform unorthodox acts because you can. Because when you are my age the risks become less and less... because the stakes and consequences are too great, and that's ok.

But at my son's ripe age of 19 I say go for it. Stay where you are at school; transfer if that's better; play professional ball; don't play; follow your heart; live your passion; and dream really BIG!


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