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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 125: Too Much Bad News in the News

Mummified Babies Found in Basement Building; Father Keeps Dead Daughter in Ice Chest; Social Service Agency Fails to Protect Child Who Dies in Custody of Abusive Parent; Mother Drowns Two Sons After Suffocating Them; Murder Suspect Continues to Receive City Pension; Abducted Child Still Missing; Remains Discovered in Mountains Confirmed to be Latrice Richardson; Woman Sexually Assaulted in Apartment; Jogging Teenager Raped & Murdered; Teenager Overdoses at Rave Party at LA Coliseum

These headlines are just a sample of the stories that bombard us daily. It's almost too much some days for me to absorb and process. As much as I want to be an informed citizen, and I do, some days I'm sickened while reading the newspaper or listening to news reports. I literally get a nauseous feeling in my stomach trying to imagine how these despicable and unimaginable crimes can be committed. All this pain these crimes inflict on innocent people ...

I don't know about you but keeping up with the world's daily events is enough to make you sick. From death and destruction to grotesque crimes to unbelievable pain. Some days it's just too much to absorb. To really let the story soak in. I mean a father kills his daughter then stuffs her in an ice chest where she remained for years because he couldn't bare to part with her? What!?!

How have people gotten so sick, I mean really just unthinkable sickness. There are the Mother Nature disasters such as the floods in Pakistan and of course the heartbreaking earthquake in Haiti, all the way to man made disasters such as the BP oil spill causing almost irreparable damage to our beautiful Gulf Coast communities.

But then there are the human acts against other humans that give me tremendous pause. I just can't wrap my arms around how cruel, sick, and crazy people act toward others, especially our children. How could anyone harm a baby? A child? A mother suffocates her two sons, then drowns them in a car because she just couldn't handle being a Mother anymore! What!?

How did the human spirit get so damaged? I don't know the answer to this rhetorical question, but this morning as I caught up on the week's news, I was just overwhelmed by grief reading one horrific story after another. Such horrible acts of violence. I'm feeling really sad thinking about all the victims.


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