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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 106: Final Day in Las Vegas

I've lost track of dates and times because we've been on the "go" and having so much fun! Today of course began with a beautiful brunch, followed by fun in the sun and then off to see the O Show, a Cirque Du Soleil performance at the Bellagio Hotel. I think we hit almost every fabulous hotel during our visit to Vegas, just crazy how much we have accomplished!

The show was beautiful! It was a water themed performance with magnificent gymnasts, divers, dancers, contortionists, and many former Olympians. A real treat to watch their beautiful bodies and showmanship. We all loved it! Given it was our last night we had one last unbelievable meal at Le Cirque, the famous French New York restaurant. Oh my gosh! I wish I had a video of what was consumed and the looks on the kids faces as they gobbled lobster, foie gras, risotto, souffles and goodness knows what else! A very special way to top off a very special 4 days with the family!

The boys are ready anytime we say "Vegas Baby!"


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