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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 107: Back To Reality

Ahh, returning from vacation... always a drag, isn't it !?! All you want to be doing is going back to the fun and relaxation you experienced while you escaped your busy life, but reality kicks in and you've got to do what's got to be done! Bummer I say!

Oh well, we are back into the swing of things already! Both Brian and I worked out hard this morning -- I mean really, we had to after all the food we consumed during our Las Vegas get-away... did you read my posts with all the restaurants we visited? I'm stuffed just reading my entries!

Then it was off to the grocery store because your cupboards are always bare when you leave town; then off to take Spencer for his Acupuncture treatment; then loads of laundry; then endless errands including a stop at the Santa Monica Seafood Market to buy fresh fish for dinner! Feeling like we need to eat lite after all that was consumed the past few days!

While I was tending to our home & children, Brian was laboring away at the office and then is hosting an ACN meeting tonight so his first day back will be long and brutal. I'm catching up on all the mail, emails, voice messages, paying household bills, and running kids here and there while also updating my Blog!

One thing I always love about going away, is not driving! Not to get in the car and fight traffic is such a delight for me! Not sure how you feel about it, but never having to worry about driving is a pleasure for me. We walked everywhere in Las Vegas and that was such a treat! Today I was all over the City fighting stupid drivers and traffic and wishing really I was anywhere but behind the damn wheel of a car!

So back to reality ... you have to live through this in order to have the vacations... so here we go again ...


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