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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 105: 3rd Day in Las Vegas

Well we are really on a roll now! Unbelievable dinners, great entertainment, great people watching and sight seeing! We hit the roller coaster at New York, New York Hotel for Spencer to ride. He is an insane roller coaster rider! We hit the M & M Factory, always a treat for us chocolate lovers. The kids toured the wildlife exhibit at the Mirage where the lions, tigers and sharks are on display. They loved it!

Took a trip over to the Mandalay Bay Hotel to eat another amazing meal and we learned that this particular night the hotel was hosting one of the biggest boxing matches of the year! Who knew! Diaz & Marquez, a rematch between these two sluggers. If you follow boxing you'd know this match. The place was insane!

Pictured here to the right are the "boys" Harrison, Spencer & Brian with the boxing Tecate Gal! You should have seen those boys faces!

Well Harrison went crazy wanting to see a live boxing match with 12,000 spectators. Brian has never been to a real boxing match so I said go for it... we are in Vegas baby! The boys hit the fight while the niece and I relaxed back at the Hotel and rested our feet from all the walking!

Later we met the boys for once again another delicious meal at NOBU, the famous sushi place at the Hard Rock Hotel. My beautiful niece proceeded to get "hit" on from a handsome young man from Montreal... but when he learned she was only 17, he said call me when you are 18! We had a real good laugh on that one! Another action packed, fun filled day in Las Vegas!


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