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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 94: Happy 15th Birthday Boy's

Wow, hard to believe that 15 years ago we ushered Harrison & Spencer into this world! What an experience that was, giving birth to two beautiful baby boys! Just 10 minutes apart ... I'll never forget how they were swaddled so snugly then placed face-to-face inside the little bassinet at the hospital.

And now look at my handsome sons... Spencer pictured with me on the left and Harrison on the right at their Birthday celebration dinner tonight ... yummy! These boys can eat!

Funny how birthdays are great measuring tools... you can reflect on what has gone on over the past 15 years, and imagine what the next 15 years might bring. I remember being so happy that my Mom hung on to see Harrison & Spencer born. I can still see her beautiful red hair shining as she held them at their Bris... she passed away 3 months later...

Their first year of life was bittersweet. I was so happy to have these bundles of joy to care for, but so sad to have lost my Mom at such a cherished time in my life. Births play a number on you too, and so does death and to have both of these significant events happen within months of one another, was well, there are really no words to describe the feelings.

I know my Mom would be so proud if she could see the boys today. Handsome, smart, athletic, empathetic, loving, and really just all around good kids. What a loss for her, and for them. But today is a celebration of life, and the greatest gifts I was given on this day.

Happy 15th Birthday to my beautiful Happy Harrison & Sweet Spencer!


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