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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 93: Multi Tasking ...Women Do It So Well

Why are women so good at multi tasking? Hmm, I'm not an anthropologist so I can't really give the history behind why we are so good at juggling so many projects at once, but I know we are damn good at it! Last night was a perfect example of how we can accomplish so much at one time!

I had gal pal and computer whiz Rebecca Simon over to help address my campaign website which I am morphing into a website profiling my personal & professional endeavors ... and finally taking down the campaign literature. She was joined by another gal pal of mine who is a webmaster Karisma Schackelford, who is also my "hair" lady. So while we tackled upgrades and edits for my website, Karisma was also tending to my hair, while we also handled childcare for her son who was playing with my son's old Lego's.

And while this was all happening the college son was picking up the two younger teenagers with friends and handling dinner. In between this, neighbor gal pal Teresa Jones Grossman came over with her cooking pal to borrow ingredients for a chili dish she is preparing for the Beverly Hills Farmer's Market Chili Cookoff, and as if the house wasn't full enough, gal pal Jenny Savitsky stopped by to borrow a colorful suit jacket for professional photographs she was having taken! All these amazing women involved in multiple projects and everyone is helping everyone get the job done!

That's what it is all about. We can't do all that we do without the support of our gal pals. Everyone chipping in to help with the children, or dinner, or to borrow items from - including everything from food to a black tie dress, to editing a resume to introducing each other to one another as great resources -- it really does take a village to not just raise the children, but to keep us adult ladies sane.

Managing so many pending projects at the same time takes a lot of coordination, organization and help from your friends. Using your time wisely is an art and contributes to making you feel like SuperWoman! Last night the house was rockin' as we kept all us great women moving toward our respective goals. Yeah, we all should feel like SuperWoman!


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