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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 95: Odds & Ends

So many things going on that I thought it best to just recap all the odds & ends ...

*Brian got his shinny new black Prius on Sunday ... the Prius is really not my thing, but the man really wanted it! With his new business he is travelling like crazy (even more than usual) all over the city so he wanted an Eco friendly car that's easy on gas ... this meant his car, the Escalade which used to be my car, needed to be traded in because the lease was up ... so today I took possession of a shinny new Black Cadillac .. a CRV something ... it needed to hold the entire family since Brian opted for the smaller car and I drive a Smart Car... which brings me to the little green bugger ... turns out we need to sell the cute thing now that I have the "family car" ... oye, I'm exhausted by all the car maneuvering and shifting and figuring out what has transpired over this past week ... really Brian negotiated the mechanics of these transactions but the conversations and mind thought process was just too exhausting for me!

*For those of you who follow my BLOG you know I was going through an audit of my city council campaign. What a pain in the ass! Today I finally found out from the city auditor that all is clear and I have no irregularities and hopefully no penalties! Yeah! I can't believe the wounds that have been opened up over this past month having to go back some 18 months to 2 years to investigate contributions. You can really see why people do not run for public office!

*Finally received the test results back from all my medical tests following our trip to Bass Lake... turns out kid sister Jennifer and I did both have a food virus... I'm still on antibiotics and hoping the thing dies off soon, because I am just not myself health-wise and either is Jennifer!

*Boys made it to the Playoffs with the American Legion Baseball Team ... so it's been LOTS of baseball!!! If they WIN tomorrow and then again on Saturday we are headed to Napa Valley for the State Playoffs (shoot me now!) ... while I am the best baseball Mom ... one can only take so much! We have not had a break for an entire year... unless you are living it you can't possibly imagine what this grueling schedule is like for the players and more importantly for the parents that schlep to every game!

*Still need to schedule the skin cancer removal, but between everyone else's schedule I can't find time to make this happen for me which is wearing on me!

*I really do not feel like summer has ever kicked in for me... while there have been moments of pure pleasure, like the boys birthday dinner last night and some of the baseball games, the truth is there has not been one beach day, or pleasurable day where I could just soak up the sun and believe that summer in LA has arrived. Between the terrible illness with a food virus while on vacation and endless baseball games I feel exhausted and run down ... sorry to be a downer but this is the truth ... I need a break and I need it soon!


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