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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 84: Back Home

Ahh, settling back in to life after a week away! Lots of laundry to fold, phone calls & emails to return, Blogging, unpacking, marketing! Now I need a vacation from the vacation. Which really wasn't a vacation. As I posted yesterday when we returned I was under the weather the entire week in Bass Lake. So now it's back to juggling every one's calendars, family commitments and back to my exercise routine.... which I definitely need after a week off.

Pictured here is the "Bass Lake Gang" ... a motley crew of mixed families & friends, but all together we make our own special "Lake Family!"

How do our lives get so damn busy with all we do? I mean it's suppose to be summer, but the boys - all three of them - still have workouts and baseball, and dental appointments and chiropractor visits, and friends in and out all day long. And oh yeah everyone still needs to eat so there's still that to tend to. And over summer break there are more mouths to feed with kids coming and going. But ya know what I really do love it. Especially the feeding part. Maybe it's the mama bear in me that loves to see my boys and others chow down on a good meal. It's a role I relish. I just wish I was feeling myself. I'm still not and that's a bummer for me as I spend my life feeling healthy and fun and happy and when I'm not, it really takes its toll.

So as I prepare for the week ahead, working out, getting healthy, attending baseball games and figuring out next steps is all on the menu... join me for the adventures, won't you please?


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