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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 74 - 83: Where Has Robyn Been?

Hi my faithful followers! Have you missed me? Well I sure have missed blogging about my daily escapades. Let me tell ya what's been goin' on!

Finally got the family packed and out the door last Saturday, July 3rd for our annual trip up to Bass Lake with friends & family. As I have written about in earlier posts this is the most memorable vacation for my family.

Pictured above is my family L-R Brandon, Harrison, Me, Spencer, and Brian

My sister Michele and I were introduced to the trip as young girls when our parents were still married many moons ago. I have continued the tradition with my family and other siblings and friends. It is the one trip that my children pine for throughout the year. So we finally arrive, unpack, do the marketing, get organized and we are ready to party! We had our usual fabulous 4th of July Holiday as we watched fireworks on a boat parked in the middle of the lake at beautiful Bass Lake!

Pictured here are kid sister Jennifer on the left (who came from New York with love pal Kevin, wearing the hat, and his darling 6 year old son Zachary) and family friend Suzee on the right. We were on the boat watching 4th of July fireworks!

Unfortunately that's where the fun ended for me! From that night on I was saddled with a horrible sickness and fever pushing 102.8. I was ready to make a run for the hospital but after speaking to my LA Doc I decided against that as goodness knows what the mountain Doctor would have recommended for treatment! We are still not clear on what I had and still have. I never once went in the Lake or water skied or put a bathing suit on the entire week. This has never happened to me before and it was really a bummer to be away on this annual family trip and not be able to enjoy all the festivities.

Pictured here are Papa Joe, the Patriarch of the trip all these 40 plus years, with my eldest son Brandon. This is what it's all about!

Despite my feeling in the dumps, I did however capture moments of great joy. One was watching my so
n Brandon master wake boarding like a true jock and the other was knowing that Harrison & Spencer were laughing hysterically as they were tossed all over the Lake on an inter tube. Thank you gal pal Jill for being the boat driver for all the teenager crazy boys! And for constantly taking my temperature to make sure it didn't climb any higher!
Another highlight for me was being able to play umpteen rounds of Runmmicue with my gal pals Caren & Jill and hubby Brian. That was very special for me. I love games!
But all in all while my heart was warmed that my boys and Brian and all my darling family & friends were soaking up the sun and having a blast my heart also ached because I just wasn't myself.

Pictured here is Papa Joe wearing a cowboy hat! He's 80 years old and look at him go!

It's bad enough to not feel well when you are at home, but to wait all year for your annual vacation and go away and not be yourself is really a bummer. So because of this and because we had very poor technological support nestled up in the mountains I was not able to communicate with my Blog friends daily. Of course I felt guilty about this, but sometimes you just need to be flexible and go with what you are confronted with. In my case it was just not possible for me to share my lake musings daily which was something I was looking forward to.

So my dear followers please forgive me and know that I will post more photos and anecdotes from our trip as the week goes on. I'm happy to write that we are home safe and sound and I'm feeling better. I know my three sons and all the others had a fantastic week and that really is the best vacation I could ask for. My heart is warmed just looking at this photo of Brian holding the "beef" of the day with that big yummy smile!

Pictured here is Brian in Bass Lake 2010, after grilling our 4th of July yummy steak for 30!


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