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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 73: Getting Out of Town Stress

I'm feeling very overwhelmed with everything that needs to be addressed before heading out of town Saturday morning. Here's a list of what is swirling around in my head:

*My City Council Candidate's Audit

*Elena Kagen's Supreme Court Nomination (she must get confirmed!)

*Juggling Boy's endless baseball games

*Writing my Blog while on vacation

*Bathing suits for boys
*Shopping for trip items
*Work items
*Writing a Letter of Recommendation for a friend
*House sitter

*Personal items like getting a manicure & pedicure before heading off to vacation (ok so this one sounds trivial, but really it's not ... I mean who wants to go on a lake vacation and spend a week in a bathing suit without your toes looking groomed & pretty!

*Family drama

*Mail camp forms

*Pay bills

*Schedule skin cancer surgery

Ugh, the list keeps going! I just can't wait to be in Bass Lake sitting on the dock sipping my evening cocktails and finding some peace from an overloaded life...


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