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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 85: Real Housewives

Went to the grocery store today - a 3 time a week adventure for me in this eating frenzied household I manage -- and I ran into bestest gal pal Jill. We giggled that we had both just returned from vacation together and were restocking the shelves of our respective homes. But we also chuckled as we talked about why we both drove across town to a market as opposed to visiting the one in our neighborhood. We agreed that the local store is icky and we prefer the produce, poultry and other goodies offered at this further away market. Oh what we do to provide the best for our families!

Then we compared our shopping carts. I was stocking up on shrimp and pasta for one night's dinner & ground meat to make a meatloaf another night. She was making tacos (actually sounded better then my meatloaf). She spotted the pretty pink bottle in my cart -- it was fresh squeezed watermelon juice which I use to mix with my vodka for an evening summer yummy! We giggled about other items in our carts or what still needed to be pulled from shelf's and we talked about our families and meals, etc.

I thought to myself we are the "real" housewives of Beverlywood & Cheviot Hills. All those reality shows that claim to be the "real housewives of ... fill in the city" are women always dressed up and shopping or lunching or feuding with their friends, but have you noticed they are never really doing any of the hundreds of tasks that real women, mothers, wives, do in real life!

And whether you work in the house or outside the house, the reality is that the marketing & menu planning is primarily accomplished by the women of the house. Not sure why that is, but it just is.
So there we stood -- me and my oldest gal pal Jill -- in the market laughing & giggling about the goodies we'd be taking home for our families. And I thought, this is what REAL housewives do!


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