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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 64: Too Tired to Talk

Hey all ... I am too burnt out with family & life to write anything of substance today. My family is exhausting and I am just fried with the school year still not finished. While most of my friends are on European vacations by now or their children enrolled in camp, my boys are embroiled in finals still. My older son has been home from college for one month now and it's been chaos juggling the needs of a kid who wants fun and late nights with two children who still need to be on their game.

And my family -- not my hubby & boys -- but everyone else have gone off the deep end and are sucking me dry. I think it would be nice for my very needy friends and family to shut their mouths for once and ask how I am ... but these needy people are so self absorbed they only think of themselves... what a shame ...

I returned a friends call today, hesitantly because I knew how the conversation would go and sure enough she droned on and on about herself and her family never once asking about me. Unbelievable. That's how several family members act too and it's unbelievable to me.
Never once asking about me or my life or family. Who does this? Selfish, sick people that's who does this.
Hey does anyone care that I was diagnosed with skin cancer? Or fill in the blank ...

So I'm too mentally & physically exhausted to share anything else other than I wish people would not be so selfish!


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