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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 65: I'm Getting Audited

You know, running for public office is harder than most things I can think of... okay maybe not as hard as carrying and delivering twins vaginally, but that's an entire episode that one day I will blog about. I mean really did you know that if you give birth to fraternal twins they are in separate amino fluid bags which means that once you deliver one baby you have to re labor all over again to deliver the second baby! Holy mole no one told me that I'd have to open up my uterus again -- after it contracts back to normal size... so yeah there are some things that are harder than running for public office, but really other than birthing twins I can't think of any at the moment.

So that's why it just kills me to think that this election is still not over! Fifteen months after getting my ass kicked I now have to endure a damn audit by the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission. Yep you read correctly. Every city campaign has to be audited to ensure that all financial records were kept correctly, that no money was raised illegally and that the candidate did not put in more money than is aloud to their personal campaigns. But really this far after you have lost a hard battle and you have tried to move on with your life, really?

So the audit begins this Friday and no doubt I will be required to furnish all types of documents to prove my innocence! As if I was a criminal! You wonder why more people don't run for office... welcome to the nightmare!

I ran my campaign as ethically as anyone could... followed all the rules, and raised money the old fashion way asking folks and receiving contributions in the dollar amount allowable. I can't say all other candidates do the same.

So when you think you finally are free from the remnants of your political campaign, the door is opened once again and all your personal information is again opened up to the world for viewing.

I have had a lot of hard battles in my life... breaking into broadcast journalism when everyone said it was impossible; birthing twins naturally when everyone said it couldn't be done; and running for public office with young children when everyone said it was not possible. Yeah it's all possible and I'm living proof that it's doable! I guess I just have always enjoyed an enormous challenge!

But please don't say something is not doable because I might just go for it!


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