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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 50: 50 Posts to 50

Some things in life you just can't make up, really! Today is the 50th day toward me turning 50 and it's Election Day! (Did you vote yet?) Just perfect! I have been blogging for 50 days now. What, you don't think that's very long? You try being creative & witty & writing something of substance for 50 straight days, and then you'll see it's not so damn easy! But it's very sweet for me today because it's voting day, and ya all know how much I love politics!

I've said it before in previous posts, Blogging is an outlet for us to speak about what's on our mind. Sometimes I write about trivial topics intended to make us laugh. Other times I write more heartfelt and poignant messages about life which are designed to give us pause. All are honest reflections of events, thoughts or feelings that I am experiencing daily and writing about on this Birthday Blog.

I feel as if things have come full circle - that I would make it to 50 days of posting and also have it be Election Day - I'm thinking it's more then coincidental. Not sure what it is - cosmic, spiritual, a message, what!?! Last time I voted, it was for myself. Today I took the college boy with me to vote - he's 19 and the first time he ever cast a vote, he voted for me, his Mom. That is a moment I'll never forget nor a story I'll never tire of sharing. How many Mom's can say that?! That their kid turned voting age and the first time he went to vote, his Mom's name was on the Ballot! Pretty damn cool if you ask me!
So on this 50th milestone day, it's only fitting that I voted for my favorite candidates and issues and I had the college boy with me. Made me very happy. Also, got me thinking about how time has flown by since my election back in March 2009. Only some 15 months ago, yet it feels like a lifetime. Not sure if that's because so much has happened during the past year, or what?

Whatever the reason, I look at what is going on in our City and there are days I feel blessed to not be embroiled in the mess... while other days I feel sad to not be the person to make a difference by taking charge & making our city operate better! Either way, I am happy to have the college boy home for the summer and looking forward to seeing Election results just about now!


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