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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 49: Vote on Tuesday

Doesn't it feel like there's always an Election! Well, there really is! Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 8 is Election Day in the state of California. Lots of propositions on the ballot and all the Constitutional office seats are up for grabs (Governor, Lt. Governor, Insurance Commissioner, Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc.), but the race I am most invested in is for my own assembly district. Our incumbent is termed out so the seat is open. I am supporting Holly J. Mitchell for the 47th Assembly District.

I have written about Holly on my Blog several times over the past few months. She is a very special woman who shares my beliefs on child advocacy, our foster care system, motherhood and running for public office for the "right" reasons.

Many of you know how important being politically engaged is to me and especially how important it is to me that we elect more qualified women into pubic office. Holly is a businesswoman, mother, daughter, child care advocate, champion of foster care children, pro choice supporter and I am proud to cast my vote for her.

Please join me in supporting Holly in her bid to be our Assembly member. Sacramento needs all the help it can garner, and Holly would be a refreshing break from the posturing politicians who currently occupy the State Capitol. To learn more about Holly before you go to vote tomorrow, please visit or accept my endorsement of Holly and go cast your vote for her!

Exercise your right, VOTE!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Love that "Vote" photo ... very exciting! I want a dress like that!

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