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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 48: The To Do List

I was with two of my sisters today -- the big sis Michele & the kid sister Jennifer who is in town from New York -- and we all started laughing at how we share a quirky habit: With so many "to do" items we sometimes write the items down -- which we have already completed -- only to be able to cross them off on the forever "to do" list! It makes us feel like we've accomplished so much when we can visually see a list with lots of lines through the endless errands!

Sounds quirky, doesn't it!?! But really it makes sense. We all (or should) keep lists upon lists --a market list, a reminder list, a to do list, a honey do list, and when we check the items off after completion, we really feel a sense of accomplishment!

What is it with us women and all our have to get done items in one day... I've rarely met a woman who doesn't always have something to get done that day --- rarely does a friend say I'm just going to lounge today! There's a household to run, a business to manage and family & friends to host, it's endless and without a "to do" list I'm not sure how one would keep track of all that needs to be finished.

Yesterday I posted a message about how overwhelmed I am these days. Whether it's the end-of-school year pressure to finish, or the ramping up for new business adventures, or what I don't know, but it's all too much these days! The endless to do list. Why does it never feel completed? Why is there always so many people & matters to tend to... if I had the answer I'd be a very wealthy woman I'm sure!

Even with countless attempts to be organized, to say no to every request, I still find myself upside down on my to do versus down time. A perfect balance would be to have equal amounts of relax time versus running time. This should be a goal, but then it would have to be added to the to do list and would just create one more thing for me to address!


Anonymous said...

THIS IS SO TRUE!!!! Why are we never "done" with anything on the endless To Do list? Craziness!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you feel like this too! Because I always thought you were the most organized person ever! (It's me, Teresa...don't know how to put my name on here).

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