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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 51: The Girls's Won

Not only did my Holly J. Mitchell win the 47th Assembly District seat, but the UCLA Girl's Softball Team WON the NCAA Championship!

This is HUGE! I mean really huge! Had it been the boys baseball team it would be all over... but it's softball and the girls unfortunately always take second fiddle... so that's why I want to give our young women of the UCLA softball team a shout out tonight as our local winners!

Yes, my candidate for my state Assembly district has WON -- Holly J. Mitchell -- so I am celebrating her victory, but also I am celebrating these remarkable women of UCLA who won the 2010 NCAA Championship! It is an enormous honor and a tribute to their athleticism and commitment to softball and their team! I salute them for their hard work. As they were working hard on the field I know many candidates, Melissa Fox, Kate Anderson, Susan Jordan, Holly Mitchell and many others were pounding the pavement for their campaigns and I salute them too! Win or lose you are all winners for going for it and making a difference whether in sports or in your community!

Go Girls Go !!!!


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