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Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 25: I Need A Good Laugh & Good Hair

After this week, I need a good laugh! I thought you could all use one too. So today's post will be short & sweet because I am physically & emotionally drained after the week's happenings ...

Have you ever driven your kids to school in your pajamas? And worried that you might get pulled over for speeding? Well no that didn't happen to me, but I have often thought what would I do if I got pulled over in my PJ's on PCH? Well, the other day I was getting my hair done early in the morning and I wanted to be cozy & comfortable and enjoy my blow-dry ... so I wore my jammies & robe to the salon. See the photo above for proof!

Sometimes we just have to be a little goofy and poke fun at ourselves. All this serious stuff can cause you to go batty. So if you ever want to experience the true comforts of the salon, go in your pajamas!

And for a GREAT blow-dry, or color, or highlights, please visit my beautiful gals Eka & Rebecca, owners of Salon Dione who always take care of me no matter what I am wearing! 310.841.6777 or

And for those of you who don't know, I have gorgeous extensions! Nowadays there are so many fabulous ways to add a little umph to your hair so if you are interested, contact Karisma Shackelford at She makes house calls! Could it be any better!

In all seriousness, I did have a rough week with medical challenges and a personal upset which I'll share at another time, so I needed to add some sunshine to my thoughts and this picture makes me smile! Have some fun & always remember to laugh at yourself every once in awhile!


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