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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 26 & 27: I Love Talking Women Politics!

This weekend I was invited to speak on a panel to discuss the challenges and experiences of running for public office. The event was hosted by the Ventura Chapter of the National Women's Political Caucus and I was honored to be included. The theme centered around the differences in how women lead, the difficulties women confront when running for office and what can we do to invite more women into the political process. All worthy topics and issues that are near & dear to my heart. Pictured above from left to right are Susan Rose, one of the panelist, Marie Lakin, President of the Ventura NWPC Chapter, Me, and my ever faithful Rebecca Simon, my former campaign manager.

I was very disappointed when I lost my campaign for City Council last year. I refer to my campaign as the longest job interview I've ever had. Can you imagine applying for a job for 18 months, enduring 26 interviews in front of thousands of people and then being rejected! Ouch... can you see why that would sting. But this weekend I was alive again as I sat in front of an educated and active group of people who share my passion for seeing more women in office. I realized that my commitment to this cause has never wavered despite my individual set back.

I shared the panel with two remarkable and accomplished women. Carmen Ramirez seated center in the photo to the left who is a candidate for the Oxnard City Council and Susan Rose, former Santa Barbara County Board Supervisor. Both women have a lengthy resume of work they have performed on behalf of the environment, women and families and their communities.
In addition to speaking passionately about women and politics it was also an afternoon to see friends who were dedicated supporters during my campaign. Pictured to the right is Terry Gibson, who faithfully gave and sent her love throughout my race. And pictured with me below to the left is Celeste Weingardt, former State President of NWPC-CA and a champion for women running. I was honored to serve as the NWPC State VP of Communications during Celeste's tenure and was always in awe of her leadership. These women epitomize what NWPC is about - a commitment to electing qualified and pro choice women into office.

I am grateful for these women and the entire Ventura NWPC Caucus for their continued support of my political endeavors and for inviting me to join them at their annual signature event Politics, Tea, & Thee. I am grateful too for our shared belief that women can make a difference when elected to public office and that we can't rest until we reach our goal 50/50 by 2020! (50% representation by women, 50% by men by the year 2020)


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