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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 17: Run Robyn Run !!!

Don't worry it's not running for political office again! It's literally RUNNING! As one of my 49th to 50th year intentions I have committed to run a Marathon... that's 26.2 miles for those of you who just aren't sure how difficult this challenge is! And I'm not walking it! I've done that before when I participated in the FIRST Avon 3-Day Walk for Breast & Ovarian Cancer. It was a GREAT experience and we walked from Santa Barbara to Malibu... some 20 miles a day! Just an awesome experience!

But now I want to RUN! A marathon is one of the most challenging athletic tests you can push yourself to accomplish and I figure if not now, when? I've been training vigorously to strengthen my body for the past year. If you didn't know I've trained through enormous pain. I had severe nerve damage resulting from a grueling 18 month political campaign and I've spent a year reducing those physical effects through regular exercise. Much appreciation and thanks go out to my atheltic trainer, Melody Roset (, who beleived that despite my endless pain, I could accomplish this personal goal. Thank you Mel!

I recently saw the rewards of my workouts when I signed-up for an exercise class -- outside of my regular training outdoors. It was so exciting to be the only woman in an exercise class that could do push-ups on her toes, not her knees! I challenge you all to make a commitment to start with 5 push-ups a day. I started out not even being able to lift my body with one push-up and this morning I did 30 on my toes -- all the way down! And then there's the plank -- a core strengthening exercise. Again today I did a plank for 2 and a half minutes -- and if you think that's a piece of cake, I'll challenge you anytime as most folks can barely hold themselves up for 10 seconds! I've put my teenage boys to the test and I've won! Try it and you'll see what I mean.

There is something very rewarding about strengthening your body. You feel strong & powerful. So through the intense nerve pain I've kept pushing myself and am now feeling better and running more. I'm still sore and sit on ice packs regularly, but I've got less then a year now to reach my goal of completing a marathon. I hope you'll all join me at the finish line. Run Robyn Run baby!


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