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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 16: I Have Haters! Hurray!

Chris Rock once said, "You know you made it when you have Haters!" and I know this all too well ... When I was running for City Council I am PROUD to share that I had MANY haters! But now that I am no longer a candidate, I still have people 'hating on' my success.... For example, Robin Sax totally hates me for how many followers I have on my newly launched Blog ... She's so jealous! CLICK HERE TO VIEW! I gotta admit, I love it!!

But this brings up a more serious topic: how do we measure success? Do we measure the successes in our life based on how much money we make -- because no one is paying me to write this blog (yet!) ... Or do we measure the success of our ventures by how many people we touch ...? And even though this is a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing (i.e. the "Haters") it's still a serious question in our lives. I am always examining what matters most. And this blog is an outlet to explore that daily. So suck on that Robin! Haha! If you want to help spur on the rivalry, become a follower of both my Blog & Robin Sax at Robin Sax Blog.


Anonymous said...

You can't out Robyn the Robin! hahaha!!

Robin Sax said...

Oh, it's war baby!!!!!!!!!

Melody said...

You're the bomb-bizzell! Thank you for the kind words and ringing endorsement. Now, let's get to shopping for those new running shoes...

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