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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 9 & 10: 30 Years Later on the Pitcher's Mound

Some moments can't be visualized until they really happen. That was the case yesterday. As many of you know Brian and I attended the same High School here in Los Angeles - University High School. Many of you also know that Brian was a baseball player and all 3 of our sons have followed him and his love for the game. I remember sitting in the bleachers 30 years ago watching my afro haired boyfriend heave the ball from the pitcher's mound... yesterday 3 decades later I sat in the same bleachers and watched Harrison & Spencer, my twin 14 year old sons stand on the same field hitting & heaving the ball. Wow! Talk about a whirlwind of memories and emotion.

Starting with where the hell did 30 years go? How am I still with the same man from High School? How did all three sons become pitchers & ballers? A lot to process for me... or anyone for that matter. I think because it's a perspective which leads to reflection. Here I am in the same town I grew up in, raising my family in the same neighborhood and my boys are visiting my almamater playing on the same field that I watched my boyfriend play on 3 decades ago. If that doesn't give you pause, not sure what will!

That's the thing about being a parent. You watch your children through your own life and when you have an opportunity to actually see them do what you did as a child, it is magnified. If I had known three decades ago that I'd be returning to my almamater to watch the boys play ball, accompanied by my high school prom date, would I have done things differently? Taken a different course in life? Wished for a different outcome?

Not for at least another 30 years!


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